DCI Downloader

dci-downloader is a useful tool for downloading the latest versions of Red Hat products


$ sudo yum -y install https://packages.distributed-ci.io/dci-release.el7.noarch.rpm
$ sudo yum -y install dci-downloader
$ source ~/dcirc.sh
$ dci-downloader RHEL-8 /tmp/repo

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Red Hat SSO

DCI is connected to the Red Hat SSO. You will need a Red Hat account.


A remoteci is a Virtual Machine or a baremetal server running RHEL. You should check that your remoteci:

  • Is running the latest RHEL 7 release.
  • Has enough free space in the destination folder.
  • Should be able to reach:
    • https://api.distributed-ci.io (443).
    • https://repo.distributed-ci.io (443).


The dci-downloader is packaged and available as a RPM files.

$ sudo yum -y install https://packages.distributed-ci.io/dci-release.el7.noarch.rpm
$ sudo yum -y install dci-downloader


At the moment it is not possible to perform two parallel downloads in two different processes. If you use a configuration file with multiple topics, the download is done synchronously topic after topic.


Remoteci creation

DCI is connected to the Red Hat SSO. You need to log in https://www.distributed-ci.io with your redhat.com SSO account. Your user account will be created in our database the first time you connect.

After the first connection you can create a remoteci. Go to https://www.distributed-ci.io/remotecis and click Create a new remoteci button. Once your remoteci is created, you can retrieve the connection information in the Authentication column. Save those information in ~/dcirc.sh file.

At this point, you can validate your credentials with the following commands:

$ source ~/dcirc.sh
$ dcictl remoteci-list

If you see your remoteci in the list, everything is working great so far.

Topic access

Before using dci-downloader, we need to check the list of topic (version of the product) you have access to:

$ source ~/dcirc.sh
$ dcictl topic-list

If you don't see any topic then you should contact your EPM at Red Hat which will give you access to the topic you need. /!\ Only RHEL topics are supported at the moment


You can now download the latest version of a product using dci-downloader.

Example command to download the latest RHEL 8 compose into /tmp/repo folder.

$ dci-downloader RHEL-8 /tmp/repo


By default dci-downloader will download all variants for x86_64 architecture without debug RPMs.

Download other architectures

To download a specific architecture you can specify those using --arch option

$ dci-downloader RHEL-8 /tmp/repo --arch x86_64 --arch ppc64le

Specific variants

To download only specific variants you can specify those using --variant

$ dci-downloader RHEL-8 /tmp/repo --variant AppStream --variant BaseOS

Download the whole component

To download everything you can add the --all flag

$ dci-downloader RHEL-8 /tmp/repo --all

Debug RPMs

To download debug RPMs you can add the --debug flag

$ dci-downloader RHEL-8 /tmp/repo --variant AppStream --debug

Settings file

You can use a settings file to send parameters to parameterize dci-downloader.

Use --settings parameter:

$ dci-downloader --settings "/etc/dci-rhel-agent/settings.yml"

All settings from settings.yml file will overwrite cli parameters.

Examples of a settings file:

download_folder: /var/www/html
  - topic: RHEL-7.8
      - x86_64
      - ppc64le
      - Server
      - Server-SAP
  - topic: RHEL-8.1
      - x86_64
      - AppStream
      - name: BaseOS
        with_debug: true

SSL certificates

dci-downloader downloads SSL certificates prior the download phase. To customize the CRT and KEY path you can change DCI_KEY_FILE and DCI_CERT_FILE env variables.

If you are using settings.yml file change

dci_key_file: /etc/dci-rhel-agent/dci.key
dci_cert_file: /etc/dci-rhel-agent/dci.crt


If you are using a proxy, just add HTTP_PROXY or HTTPS_PROXY env variable pointing to your proxy.


Apache License, Version 2.0 (see LICENSE file)


If something is not working correctly, ensure you have the latest version installed

$ dci-downloader --version
$ dci-downloader --help


Email: Distributed-CI Team distributed-ci@redhat.com IRC: #distributed-ci on Freenode

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