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RHOSP support in DCI

RHOSP is being made available as both RPMs and containers. DCI allows you to access pre-release bits in an automated way.

Supported versions

Starting from OSP16, components are shipped as Red Hat build system composes rather than puddles. Both composes and puddles are sets of RPM repositories, puddles have flatter hierarchy and cannot be filtered through dci-downloader.

topic type Architecture
OSP13 puddle x86_64
OSP15 puddle x86_64
OSP16 compose x86_64
OSP16.1 compose x86_64
OSP16.2 compose x86_64

Contact your EPM if you would like a specific version or architecture not listed here.


Where can some documentation about the Red Hat OpenStack Platform Life Cycle?

Red Hat OpenStack Platform Life Cycle official document