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A note on OCP Versions and Artifacts

The OpenShift team cuts 3 different types of releases, all of them available from the download mirrors. However they differ on naming and location:

  1. Stable: meant for public consumption and supported by RH
  2. Release Candidate: this is for tech preview purposes only
  3. Nightly: only for development / QA

Some differences:

Furthermore, the Version field listed in the release.txt fetched from the mirrors has changed gradually throughout OCP versions, example: for nightly builds it used to show the version for the goal version (e.g. "4.7.14") even if the nightly build had the timestamp (e.g. "4.7.14-20220322"). This is not true anymore and the release.txt Version field shows the full matching version indicating RC or nightly status.

DCI uses component tags (in this case, an OCP build maps to a component in the DCI control server) to identify tags, DCI uses build:ga (or "general availability") for stable builds, build:candidate for RC builds and build:dev for nightlies.

Here's a table to summarize the changes in URLs across all versions we have identified:

Build type DCI Tag OCP Mirror Base URL Namespace
Stable build:ga
Candidate build:candidate
Nightly/Dev build:dev

The DCI OCP agent fetches the release.txt file from the OCP mirror and then parses it to figure out the SHA256 for the image to pull from Quay. This way there is no ambiguity on what image to download.